Our R&D and competitive intelligence platform provides the insights that help you plan, optimise, and make better decisions for today and the future

Powered by the latest machine learning techniques, our early warning system (and curated research) gathers, collates, sifts, and identifies valuable information.

So you have more time to plan and take robust action.

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Primary Forces

Curated insights on the forces driving the future

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News, government, video, and others

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Academic, conferences, journal articles and scientific papers

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Global patent applications from over 50 authorities, updated every 6 months

Gather Intelligence

Understanding what your customers, competitors, suppliers and other stakeholders are doing and saying

Better Understand Your Future

Using our early warning system that helps you spot future waves of disruption; covering thousands of trusted sources including academic, patent, news and other domains

Save Your Time

Using the latest technology to gather, collate, sift, and visualise information; providing you with more time to organise, plan, and make better decisions

Access Curated Research

From our futurists and foresight experts who research and regularly track over 45 primary disruptive forces


Understanding what your customers, competitors, suppliers and other stakeholders are doing and saying

Monetise Opportunities

Allowing you to spot opportunities and take advantage of the gaps

Optimise Your Offering

Using our patent and academic analysis tools to help you plan your products and services for the future

Access a One Stop Shop

Viewing over 50,000 sources of information in the one space which is updated daily

Get to the Detail

Using our advanced interrogation tools you can drill-down into the detail and gather more in-depth information

Providing organisations and teams with the intelligence to help them plan, optimise, and make better decisions for today and tomorrow

Leadership and Strategy

we help you compete for a share of the disruptive future

Comprehensive View

Building a comprehensive view of likely trends and technologies that could impact your business and markets

Key Players

Helping you identify the key players in that future and the potential acquisition targets and partners

Key Customers

Identifying the key customers and competitors of the future


Helping you generate insights about the future

Portfolio Shaping

Developing a view of the emerging forces that could help shape portfolios


Helping you validate and optimise the strategies of your portfolio companies

Due Diligence

Supporting due diligence


we help you identify the opportunities of tomorrow

Sales and Marketing

we help you drive successful conversations and conversions


Developing stories that align with the customers of today and tomorrow


Helping you understand your current and potential customers and their markets better

Background Research

Providing essential background research


Helping you benchmark against your competitors

Latest Information

Providing the latest information and trends across news, regulatory, academic, patents, and other domains


Monitoring the key supply chain markets


Developing key supply chain insights for the future

Information Organisation

Helping organise key information into relevant topics

Supply Chain

we help you quickly access invaluable research

Bloodhound Pricing - Single User

Contact us at info@aptim-solutions.com for multiple users

Bloodhound Light

£ 350 Monthly
  • Unlimited topics / projects
  • 15 Observables
  • Observable Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Access to non-patent and non-academic contents

Bloodhound Standard

£ 550 Monthly
  • Everything in Bloodhound Light, plus
  • 10 Additional Observables
  • 5 Primary Forces
  • Collaborative Forcefield
  • Domain Analytics
  • Topic/Project Sharing
  • Access to patent and academic contents

Bloodhound Premium

£ 860 Monthly
  • Everything in Bloodhound Standard, plus
  • 10 Additional Observables
  • All Primary Forces
  • Patent and Academic Analytics
  • Corporate Readiness Survey
  • Premium Telephone Support

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