Grounded in the real world

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.


We are not academics or theorists; we are business leaders and practitioners with real life experiences in industry.

As part of our process, we review and challenge your strategic thinking and underlying core competence, focusing on its optimisation.

We are not just an advisor; we are an integral tool in a client’s armoury as such our offering includes management tools, dashboards and a robust 12-month quarterly review and support programme.

Whilst we have a clear guiding philosophy and set of methodolgies we are not providing a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. We believe each of our clients requires a tailored approach to their specific environment.

Our philosophy recognises robust strategies have a series of distinct phases and the inputs that drive strategy performance, morph over time. What input is relevant for one phase is not necessarily right for another or may require a different emphasis. Also the ability of a company to out-compete the market and sustain its position in the long term needs a strong marriage between core competence, strategy, phases and inputs, both 'soft and hard'.

Speed of change is essential and our philosophy focussing on inputs, provides a framework and control system empowering individuals and teams to make proactive early interventions to continuously advance the business.