4 keys for a ‘good’ strategic question

When developing or optimising a ‘good strategy’, think about starting by framing the strategic problem or challenge faced by the organisation in the form of a question.

You need to manage algorithms

Algorithms are integral to everything that we do in business, whether we realise it or not. what hasn’t been that clear for many of us until the pandemic, is just how intertwined and algorithms have become to our everyday life. From the stocking of our shelves, the pre-positioning of stock, planning rules and as we say last year school exam grading.

Disrupting the future

As leaders, focusing on the disruptive future and building for it today, has never been more critical if your organisation wants to grow and sustain its enterprise value.

The over 50s are a valuable resource in tackling a post-pandemic world

Organisations and policymakers need to consider the value that the over 50s can deliver. Especially as many regions of the world are already beginning to experience the effect of an ageing population. We believe ageing populations will become a highly disruptive force, which will impact business models, society, public policy, technology, and economics, the world over.