Content Marketing Support

A digital media platform was struggling to generate valuable content for its users. The Bloodhound module of DFP was able to fill the gap.

The Challenge

A digital media platform was struggling to generate relevant content internally at a pace required to reach its marketing goals.

The Solution

Using the Bloodhound module of Disruptive Futures Platform the client was able to, on a daily basis, review the key pieces of content that were relevant to their categories of information. This was then used to brainstorm own content as well as share the third party content, with attribution, to their subscribers; providing news that their subscribers would not ordinarily have come across.

The Results

  • Increase users per month by 71.2% in 5 months; peak month due to a single piece of content was 5 times higher than their average users per month
  • New subscribers to the platform
  • Started a new distribution channel further improving brand awareness