Deep and meaningful experience

To a great experience one thing is essential, an experiencing nature.

Walter Bagehot

We have more than 20 years (some 35 years) industrial experience in challenging environments, a host of functions, senior leadership positions and international organisations. We have worked in PLCs, private equity and owner led businesses. In that time, we have experienced most situations and have significant experience of turnarounds, growth businesses (including new products and markets), international expansion, leveraged finance and M&ampA. Most functions are covered from manufacturing, commercial, finance, procurement, business re-engineering and IT.

Industrial Career Experience

  • Audit and management consulting
  • Industrial plastics
  • Housewares and gardens
  • Plastic OEM moulding
  • Flexible packaging
  • Glass container packaging
  • Paper and board
  • Fleet management services
  • Hospitality services
  • Architectural and interior design
  • Food processing
  • Specialist B2B plastics
  • Software and infrastructure development

Markets Served

  • Chemicals, dyestuffs and pigments
  • Large retailers - food, homes and gardens
  • Bakeries and food service
  • Snacks and confectionary
  • Water and carbonated soft drinks
  • Breweries, cider and wineries
  • Other specialist drinks
  • Fisheries, dairy and food
  • Personal care, healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Government
  • Forestry